Oh My Zsh alias list

Recently I switched the default shell from bash to zsh, thanks to this beautiful project. For the setup and config, you should wait for a next post or just follow the documentation, but in the mean time just have a look at this alias list and enjoy.

Alias Command
‘cd -‘
…. ../../..
….. ../../../..
…… ../../../../..
1 ‘cd -‘
2 ‘cd -2’
3 ‘cd -3’
4 ‘cd -4’
5 ‘cd -5’
6 ‘cd -6’
7 ‘cd -7’
8 ‘cd -8’
9 ‘cd -9’
_ sudo
afind ‘ack -il’
cppcompile ‘c++ -std=c++11 -stdlib=libc++’
d ‘dirs -v | head -10’
envconfig ‘subl ~/Projects/config/env.sh’
g git
ga ‘git add’
gaa ‘git add –all’
gapa ‘git add –patch’
gb ‘git branch’
gba ‘git branch -a’
gbda ‘git branch –merged | command grep -vE “^(*|\smaster\s$)” | command xargs -n 1 git branch -d’
gbl ‘git blame -b -w’
gbnm ‘git branch –no-merged’
gbr ‘git branch –remote’
gbs ‘git bisect’
gbsb ‘git bisect bad’
gbsg ‘git bisect good’
gbsr ‘git bisect reset’
gbss ‘git bisect start’
gc ‘git commit -v’
‘gc!’ ‘git commit -v –amend’
gca ‘git commit -v -a’
‘gca!’ ‘git commit -v -a –amend’
gcam ‘git commit -a -m’
‘gcan!’ ‘git commit -v -a –no-edit –amend’
‘gcans!’ ‘git commit -v -a -s –no-edit –amend’
gcb ‘git checkout -b’
gcf ‘git config –list
gcl ‘git clone –recursive’
gclean ‘git clean -fd’
gcm ‘git checkout master’
gcmsg ‘git commit -m’
‘gcn!’ ‘git commit -v –no-edit –amend’
gco ‘git checkout’
gcount ‘git shortlog -sn’
gcp ‘git cherry-pick’
gcs ‘git commit -S’
gd ‘git diff’
gdca ‘git diff –cached’
gdct ‘git describe –tags git rev-list --tags --max-count=1
gdt ‘git diff-tree –no-commit-id –name-only -r’
gdw ‘git diff –word-diff’
gf ‘git fetch’
gfa ‘git fetch –all –prune’
gfo ‘git fetch origin’
gg ‘git gui citool’
gga ‘git gui citool –amend’
ggpull ‘git pull origin $(git_current_branch)’
ggpur ggu
ggpush ‘git push origin $(git_current_branch)’
ggsup ‘git branch –set-upstream-to=origin/$(git_current_branch)’
gignore ‘git update-index –assume-unchanged’
gignored ‘git ls-files -v | grep “^[[:lower:]]”‘
git-svn-dcommit-push ‘git svn dcommit && git push github master:svntrunk’
gk ‘\gitk –all –branches’
gke ‘\gitk –all $(git log -g –pretty=format:%h)’
gl ‘git pull’
glg ‘git log –stat’
glgg ‘git log –graph’
glgga ‘git log –graph –decorate –all’
glgm ‘git log –graph –max-count=10’
glgp ‘git log –stat -p’
glo ‘git log –oneline –decorate’
globurl ‘noglob urlglobber ‘
glog ‘git log –oneline –decorate –graph’
gloga ‘git log –oneline –decorate –graph –all’
glol ‘git log –graph –pretty=format:’\”%Cred%h%Creset -%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset’\” –abbrev-commit’
glola ‘git log –graph –pretty=format:’\”%Cred%h%Creset -%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset’\” –abbrev-commit –all’
glp _git_log_prettily
glum ‘git pull upstream master’
gm ‘git merge’
gmom ‘git merge origin/master’
gmt ‘git mergetool –no-prompt’
gmtvim ‘git mergetool –no-prompt –tool=vimdiff’
gmum ‘git merge upstream/master’
gp ‘git push’
gpd ‘git push –dry-run’
gpoat ‘git push origin –all && git push origin –tags’
gpristine ‘git reset –hard && git clean -dfx’
gpu ‘git push upstream’
gpv ‘git push -v’
gr ‘git remote’
gra ‘git remote add’
grb ‘git rebase’
grba ‘git rebase –abort’
grbc ‘git rebase –continue’
grbi ‘git rebase -i’
grbm ‘git rebase master’
grbs ‘git rebase –skip’
grep ‘grep –color=auto –exclude-dir={.bzr,CVS,.git,.hg,.svn}’
grh ‘git reset HEAD’
grhh ‘git reset HEAD –hard’
grmv ‘git remote rename’
grrm ‘git remote remove’
grset ‘git remote set-url’
grt ‘cd $(git rev-parse –show-toplevel || echo “.”)’
gru ‘git reset –‘
grup ‘git remote update’
grv ‘git remote -v’
gsb ‘git status -sb’
gsd ‘git svn dcommit’
gsi ‘git submodule init’
gsps ‘git show –pretty=short –show-signature’
gsr ‘git svn rebase’
gss ‘git status -s’
gst ‘git status’
gsta ‘git stash save’
gstaa ‘git stash apply’
gstd ‘git stash drop’
gstl ‘git stash list’
gstp ‘git stash pop’
gsts ‘git stash show –text’
gsu ‘git submodule update’
gts ‘git tag -s’
gtv ‘git tag | sort -V’
gunignore ‘git update-index –no-assume-unchanged’
gunwip ‘git log -n 1 | grep -q -c “--wip--” && git reset HEAD~1’
gup ‘git pull –rebase’
gupv ‘git pull –rebase -v’
gwch ‘git whatchanged -p –abbrev-commit –pretty=medium’
gwip ‘git add -A; git rm $(git ls-files –deleted) 2> /dev/null; git commit -m “–wip–“‘
history ‘fc -l 1’
l ‘ls -lah’
la ‘ls -lAh’
ll ‘ls -lh’
ls ‘ls -G’
lsa ‘ls -lah’
md ‘mkdir -p’
please sudo
po popd
pu pushd
rd rmdir
run-help man
which-command whence
zshconfig ‘subl ~/.zshrc’


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